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03/09/2012 - 14:34

Neverwinter ‘Blackdagger Keep’ trailer revealed at PAX

Prefect World and Cryptic Studios have released a new teaser trailer for upcoming MMORPG Neverwinter during PAX over the weekend.

The trailer – see below – shows off an area called Blackdagger Keep, and seems in-keeping with the classic lore of the Dungeon and Dragons game world, with it populated by a fearsome undead pirate lord.

Whilst there is in-game footage of combat, there’s no information regarding the actual gameplay mechanics that will be on offer. Given that the game is based on the Dungeon and Dragons tabletop game set, we can assume that it will differ from current MMORPGs on the market and stick with the Wizard of the Coast’s rules and game-play style.

It will be interesting to see, given the recent news from other MMORPGs – Final Fantasy’s total rebuild and the announcement that City of Heroes is to close after Paragon Studios’ “realignment” by parent company NCsoft – how Neverwinter, as a free MMORPG, will be received and fare.

In the mean time we can look forward to fighting the hoards of undead pirates and exploring a large keep and the well render surrounding areas.

Neverwinter is expected in 2013 with no firm release date confirmed as of yet.

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