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25/01/2013 - 15:47

Cliff Bleszinski considering launching own studio

Cliff Bleszinski says he is considering the launch of his own studio, but is wary of the pressure that would follow such a move.

The Gears of War and Jazz Jackrabit designer departed Epic Games after 20 years last October, jumping into a period of semi-retirement. However, speaking to VentureBeat, Bleszinski says he has since pondered the possibility of a new studio launch.

“One of the main things I’ve been considering is opening my own studio,” he said. “But the complication to that is, heavy is the head that wears the crown. If you have 150 people that you’re responsible for, with their families and their children and all that, that’s a lot of weight. The company depends on you. Being an employee of somebody else or being a consultant are also options.

“At the end of the day, I just want to do something that motivates me, that gets me out of bed. I’ve been able to be financially successful enough that the only work I have to do is the work that I want to do. It’s a fortunate position.”

When asked if a return to games development is a guarantee, or if retirement altogether is being considered, Bleszinski stated: “I want to be creative in some sort of fashion. I’m a pretty smart designer who has a good sense and a good track record, but unless I’m surrounding myself with my Avengers, I’m useless.

“I would need a ninja producer. I would need a ninja president for the company. I’d need a ninja lead programmer. All these people who would help supplement what I would want to do. Building that team would not be easy.”

Speaking further on his future, he later added: “If you look at the state of the industry, the industry’s in a state of massive flux. Do you go triple-A? Do you go indie? Do you go console? Do you go PC? Do you go tablet? Do you go phone? That’s where I am — looking at all of my options.”


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