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29/01/2013 - 11:02

Gears of War: Judgment demo set for March 19, offers OverRun access

A demo for upcoming Epic Games and People Can Fly shooter Gears of War: Judgment is set to hit Xbox Live on March 19.

Said tester will provide access to OverRun, the series’ new class-based multiplayer mode in which a team of COG Soldiers take on the Locust horde.

Whilst the demo arrives on the date of Judgment’s US launch, gamers pre-ordering from GameStop’s American arm can test it out from March 15. Any XP gained whilst playing the demo will carry over to the full game when released.

The game is also set for European release on March 22, so this demo offers a chance for eager fans to brush up their skills before entering the full game fray.

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