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12/02/2013 - 11:16

Namco Bandai to distribute Codemasters titles across Europe

Codemasters has confirmed that it will hand European distribution rights of its titles to Namco Bandai.

The partnership will begin with upcoming racer GRID 2 – set for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC release in May – whilst Namco Bandai already handles distribution in North America.

“As the dynamics of interactive entertainment change and evolve, then the shift to collaborative support via structured agile partnerships, which extend cost efficiencies and provide for stronger alliances, is the way forward,” said Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens.

“We have progressed our relationship with Namco Bandai Partners for more than two years and, during that time, we have expanded territorial reach, which has worked well. We are now able to build on this and further extend our relationship to embrace more countries, including the UK and functions. By working together in this fashion we play to each other’s strengths and are trailblazing an arrangement which is likely to become more prevalent in a borderless industry.”

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