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20/03/2013 - 13:06

Massimo Guarini’s Ovosonico partners with Sony for new IP

Massimo Guarini’s Ovosonico studio has announced a new IP partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe.

Shadows of the Damned director Guarini will lead the Italian studio as it works on the new intellectual property, supported by its aim of creating “original, unconventional and artistically-crafted” video games.

“There has never been a better time to contribute to the growth of the video games industry,” said Guarini. “Ovosonico aims to challenge convention, to push the boundaries further and expand our medium by delivering innovative, emotionally engaging games that deeply resonate with people.

“SCE Worldwide Studios Europe understands our vision and we are thrilled to partner with them. We strongly feel that they are the perfect partner for us.”

Details regarding the new project are non-existent at this time, but it’s worth noting Guarini’s work on the Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell franchises, as well as Naruto: Rise of a Ninja.

Source: Ovosonico


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