Working out stops men making out

Jane Richards
February 23, 2017

The results showed men who exercised for shorter periods had a higher libido than fitness fanatics who worked out for longer.

Among those contacted were long-distance runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes.

The research found those who had a low-intensity workout were seven times more likely to have a high libido than those who had a high-intensity workout.

Head researcher Anthony Hackney now hopes to do further studies to find out at what point exercise begins to negatively affect libido. "Clinicians who treat male patients for sexual disorders and, or council couples on infertility issues should consider the degree of endurance exercise training a man is performing as a potential complicating factor". Researchers don't know exactly why this was - this study didn't establish causation, only correlation - but they theorize that lower post-exercise testosterone levels and plain old exhaustion might be to blame.

Professor Hackney said: "Fertility specialists will often ask a woman about whether and how much she exercises".

"Based on our data, we think they should also be asking the man".

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