Pluto Is Now Officially The Underworld

Toby Manning
February 27, 2017

The worldwide Astronomical Union (IAU) has approved themes submitted by NASA's New Horizons team for naming surface features on Pluto and its moons.

Different themes will be used as some based on Roman god Pluto and the underworld.

By the proposed geophysical definition: 'A planet is a sub-stellar mass body that has never undergone nuclear fusion and that has sufficient self-gravitation to assume a spheroidal shape adequately described by a triaxial ellipsoid regardless of its orbital parameters'. They have finally made Pluto's spooky status official.

The proposal led by Alan Stern, the principal investigator of the New Horizons mission to Pluto, will present it at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in March. The images were great showing a fantastic world filled with nitrogen glacier, Ice Mountains, canyons, cliffs, and craters.

People are really happy about this engaging initiative to propose themes and names for Pluto's moons and features. Another moon, Nix, has features with the names of gods of the night. The name belongs to Cthulhu Regio and Norgay Montes.

The team argues that the IAU definition is flawed in several ways, including that it only recognizes as planets those which orbit our sun.

The naming campaign was arranged by NASA and the SETI Institute, of Mountain View, California.

More than a decade after it was demoted, Pluto could soon be considered a planet again - along with more than 100 other objects in our solar system.

The Charon, named after the ferryman of the Underworld's River Styx, will have features associated with voyages and vessels.NASA has reported the moon named Kerberos will have surfaces feature named after fictional and mythological dogs. NASA's decision is extremely on-brand for the prince of darkness dwarf planet, but it is admittedly cooler when these deities are hellish and terrifying.

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