Father: Children burned from drinking apple juice at restaurant

Jane Richards
March 6, 2017

Two children are in the hospital after their parents say they drank apple juice and suffered burns to their throats at a restaurant in Lancaster County.

Lots of questions remain on just what happened to 10-year-old Richie Zaragoza and 4-yer-old Ginaya Mendoza Friday at the Star Buffet & Grill on the 2200 block of Lincoln Highway East.

Richard Zaragoza Jr. tells WPMT the family chose to go out to eat at the Star Buffet to celebrate his son's 10 birthday.

Richard Zaragoza Senior, the children's father, declared that it was his son's birthday on Friday and made a decision to let him and his younger sister decide how to spend the day. It was his restaurant of choice and favorite place to eat.

"I asked the waitress, and she said she just poured the apple juice from a bottle into the paper cup".

A restaurant called the Star Buffet & Grill the name is on the front of the restaurant in red capital letters
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Ginaya, who drank the apple juice before Richie, quickly started vomiting and feeling pain in her stomach as soon as it was in her system.

The children were sent to the hospital where they were treated for burns in their throats, their parents said. The man said that Richie's life hangs by a thread, as the child also has diabetes and was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

However, as Zaragoza recalls, when Richie and his sister ordered their drinks, the waiter brought them in Styrofoam cups.

"And that's the other thing".

The owner of the restaurant said the juice was bought at a local grocery store. Meanwhile, Zaragoza said no one from Star Buffet has contacted him. That's all", he said, adding: "The soda area is open, so I don't know if someone might have put something inside the apple juice".

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