Poonam's Happy Holi Only For Adults

Candice Alexander
March 12, 2017

The festival of colors is nearly here and Poonam Pandey, who's notoriously famous for her "special" videos on special occasions, has come out with a Holi special video, wishing her fans a happy holi.

Wearing a bikini and exposing her massive assets, as usual, Poonam is seen playing with Holi colors in this 40-second video.

Poonam, who is considered to be a big time publicity seeker, hardly misses a chance to amuse her fans with raunchy videos on different occasions. This particular incident is extremely reminiscent of the recent video that she posted on valentines day which went viral on various platforms of social media.

This holi too, she has come into the spotlight with the video of her dancing in a white bikini with colors being smeared across her face.

Poonam's claim to fame was a promise of baring all if India won the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

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