Walking Dead Bury Me Here spoilers: Who dies? Rick, Sasha, Aaron?

Candice Alexander
March 13, 2017

TSDF Army, a trusted source for The Walking Dead spoilers, has released details about Bury Me Here, and it looks like there will be multiple deaths in the episode. Oddly, while "Bury Me Here" does lead to some predictable deaths, it's the execution that's unexpected (in a good way!). A frantic run to Carol's (Melissa McBride) cottage was the kid's best chance of survival - but instead he died on her kitchen table, which is profoundly bad, and not just because Carl could have really used a responsible and non-homicidal friend his own age to play with.

Morgan is not the only character who is now on board with Rick's war.

Gimple detailed this as he compared the season 7 finale from last year's season ender, which saw Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) brutally murdered by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Then there's Benjamin: the affable kid who took to being Morgan's staff-wielding protégé.

It's no surprise that the tentative peace the Kingdom has formed with the Saviors was never going to last.

The Walking Dead only has four more episodes left in season 7.

Admittedly, Morgan had other options. Where things get weird is Morgan; Benjamin's death really, really upsets him, to the point where he starts flashing back to his old "Clear" days. The painting gifted to Morgan might has well have been a portrait of his retirement boat, the Live-4-Ever.

Synopsis - "The Saviors visit the Hilltop unexpectedly, surprising everyone, with plans of taking more than supplies". How often are these exchanges, that both groups mount such an elaborate production over a small luncheon's worth of produce? Contrast this with Eugene's decision to go evil: that was a big deal, at least for his character, but it also worked as the culmination of everything we've seen from him. Still, Carol's done with her loner phase! It could be argued that nobody on "The Walking Dead" has been through more trauma than Carol and it certainly changed her - or at the very least allowed her to unleash her true self.

This week in dramatic, cantaloupe-related scene work: denizens of The Kingdom mournfully load a single piece of fruit onto a truck!

Likewise, Morgan is headed down a much darker path than we've seen of late. Richard was the Kingdom resident who was most open about wanting to fight back and he was willing to do anything to incite Ezekiel to violence.

"I'm gonna be here now, we have to get ready".

AMC's The Walking Dead, now on the home stretch of its seventh season, paid homage to its past during Sunday's deadly episode, which also featured a rather fitting family connection.

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