Boxer Ann Wolfe Confirmed as Artemis in 'Wonder Woman' Movie

Candice Alexander
March 14, 2017

Starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, the next DC installment is due for release in June.

It has been a while since we last got a trailer for Wonder Woman, but over the weekend Warner Bros. dropped new footage, which focuses on Diana's origin story.

Among the cast confirmations was the news that world champion boxer Anee Wolfe is playing the part of Artemis in Wonder Woman, which was announced via Twitter by the film's director Patty Jenkins on March 12.

Although we don't expect Wolfe's role to extend beyond the Wonder Woman branch of the DCEU, you never really know these days. She has been both an ally and a rival of Diana, even taking over as Wonder Woman for a short period.

The new trailer gives a little more information about Wonder Woman's origin and shows princess Diana as a young girl. She's teamed up, and butted heads, with Wonder Woman throughout most of her history.

What do you think about the casting news?

While the expectations for big budget comic book movies are always high, there's a lot riding on Wonder Woman when it comes to the DC Extended Universe. Simply overlapping the song with the trailer might seem easy, but if you watch this closely you'll see that it's extraordinarily well timed and took a fair amount of skill to implement.

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