Reason Why Anthem Is Pursuing Legal Action Against Matt Hardy Revealed

Hazel Gray
March 14, 2017

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According to Ring Side News, Impact Wrestling sent a 15-page cease and desist letter to Matt and Jeff, ordering them to stop using the Broken gimmick as they believe they created it.

Our Impact Wrestling sources say Anthem isn't trying to recreate the characters without the brothers and they don't want to force Matt and Jeff to no longer use them either - they want to work out an agreement for the Broken Universe IP.

Ever since the Hardy Boys' rather murky departure from Impact Wrestling, neither Matt nor Reby has been shy about their feelings following the split. Outside of reports stating that Anthem felt that the gimmick is their intellectual property, PWInsider revealed that the primary reason that sparked the Anthem decision was Matt filing the trademark for the "Broken" character. They apparently would want a percentage of the Hardys' deal for them taking the "Broken" characters elsewhere, especially WWE.

That brings us to the WWE, who will obviously want to use the gimmick because of the success it has brought and they'd most likely not want to pay anyone for using it. I don't see WWE playing ball with Anthem and if the Hardys do sign with WWE then they may have to go back to their original characters.

"Can we just talk about how many times Matt's contract could have been broken due to NUMEROUS issues on TNA end and never made a fuss about shit, but MFers wanna try & come at us NOW, *after the fact*?!"

There is still a chance that we'll see the "Broken" Hardy characters used in WWE but those chances may be slim if WWE has to adhere to Anthem's stipulations.

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