FWC Officials Confirm Jose Fernandez Was Driving Boat During Deadly Crash

Hazel Gray
March 16, 2017

Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, drunk and speeding, was behind the wheel and to blame when his boat plowed into a jetty off South Beach, killing two others, police concluded in a report released Thursday.

Fernandez and his two passengers, Emilio Macias and Eduardo Rivero were all thrown from the boat and killed.

Investigators made the conclusion because the physical damage to Fernandez's body matched the damage on the boat's center console.

Investigators say Jose Fernandez had his 32-foot boat opened up at full speed at the time of the crash. Macias' body was found near the bow of the boat, submerged in a tidal pool near the jetty, while Rivero's head and chest were found under a boulder in the water. DNA from the 24-year-old was also found on the throttle and steering wheel.

According to the FWC's 46-page report, Fernandez was behind the operating controls during the crash.

Before the crash, the trio had spent an hour and forty-five minutes at American Social in Brickell. The unsafe operation of the boat coupled with the fact his blood alcohol content was 147 and he had trace amounts of cocaine in his system - lab results released by the Miami-Dade County coroner previously - would have resulted in boating under the influence-manslaughter and six other charges had he survived. Investigators said Fernandez was also operating the boat with the clear vinyl windshield enclosure in place, likely impairing his visibility. All of the occupants' causes of death were blunt force trauma and drowning. Relatives of Macias and Rivero have filed negligence lawsuits against Fernandez's estate. Both are seeking $2 million in damages.

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