Tony Romo Received $64.11 Bonus for Playing 1 Drive in 2016

Jane Richards
March 20, 2017

If Romo plays for the Texans, there is a decent chance that the Houston-based football team becomes nearly as popular as the Dallas-based football team.

According to's Dan Hanzus, Romo pocketed an extra $64.11 by going 3-of-4 with 29 passing yards and a touchdown in the Week 17 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, which bore no playoff implications for the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry doesn't own the team in Houston.

We already know that Jones wants to keep Romo from playing in certain places (a.k.a. the Redskins) by claiming the "do-right rule" so why wouldn't he feel similar about another team in Texas? So, getting a trade done is clearly not a money issue. The Texans surge with a healthy Romo, becoming one of the best teams in the AFC.

With a dearth of available marquee players in their primes, this might have been the least sexy and impactful first wave of free agency in years, with nearly all of the big deals completed within hours of opening last week.

Many people are wondering if the Texans will select a quarterback in this year's National Football League draft if they end up signing Tony Romo this offseason. The problem with that line of thinking is that it does nothing to mask the fact that they will still have issues under center as long as they don't sign the Cowboys former signal caller. His risk of injury only increases as soon as he leaves for whatever starting role he could land outside of Dallas.

Will Tony Romo end up as the new Denver Broncos starting quarterback next season? And then every outlet in Dallas assigns at least one reporter to cover Romo's year (s) in Houston, forcing America's Team to share eyeballs and ears in its own hometown with the other team from Texas. But for Romo, an experienced franchise quarterback, that is just plain stupid. However, it should upset every player on their roster and every fan in their seats. Will a Tony Romo trade finally surface as of this time, or will Dallas Cowboys and the fans of the Texans and Broncos still be waiting until early June? "And when you consider the minuscule chances of a rookie who is selected in the third round having the same impact as a player like Romo on the roster this year, that seems like a pretty sweet deal to me".

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