Andromeda Doctor's Note Gets Players a Day Off Work

Elizabeth Williams
March 21, 2017

New galaxy, characters, premise and gameplay but with some borrowed aspects from the previous games. That's 10 hours to explore the game's story and multiplayer before you head out to pick up your copy. Some loved the exploration, while others hated clunky mechanics and bugs. Andromeda's first hours are cringeworthy enough to disappoint anyone expecting more substance and thoughtful exposition. Enemy AI isn't the smartest, but the fact that they hit harder and always, always have the numbers advantage make you want to end fights as quickly as possible. It's a tale we've heard many times before. Each character also represents a special overall skill, which carries over to all characters once you build up enough experience.

Andromeda about to drop, Nvidia has released a new set of Game Ready drivers.

"It's a crew of people that do things together, and grow to care deeply about each other across lines of race, gender, sexual identity and, since this is science fiction, species, in a way few games allow".

The reviews for Mass Effect Andromeda are landing today and although it appears the game has many flaws it apparently still serves up an enjoyable space RPG adventure.

"Ryder is fantastically mobile, with a supremely satisfying jump-jet that vaults you over almost anything". Best Buy's GamersClub Unlocked is cheaper at $30 for 2 years, and gets you 20% off pre-order/new releases like Andromeda. The new, villainous kett-and their dickhead leader the Archon-are more annoying than threatening until the game's halfway point, but I can't stop thinking of the Archon as Sarris from Galaxy Quest. I've been spoiled by The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't compare favorably in that regard.

I'm not a die-hard Mass Effect loyalist and didn't hold up unrealistic hopes for this game. The more you talk to them, the higher the chances that you'll be given the option to romance them.

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