Baby born with 4 legs, 2 spines thrives after risky surgery

Jane Richards
March 21, 2017

Advocate Children's Hospital is hosting a news conference Tuesday to discuss the outcome of a complex surgical procedure to treat a baby born with four legs and two spines.

Young Dominique came to Chicago from the Ivory Coast in West Africa with an extremely rare parasitic conjoined twin.

Half of her twin's body never developed, leaving Dominique with two spines and an extra set of legs protruding from her back.

Dominique, who had the surgery March 8, was introduced by Nancy Swabb, the mother of the child's USA host family.

Dr. Ruge said the operation had been vital because of the strain on Dominique's heart and lungs of having to "provide nourishment to another nearly individual". She also had no bone covering her spinal cord at the back of her neck, which left her at risk of paralysis.

"I saw a picture of Dominique with her extra limbs and one concern that we had before we met her was what can she wear?" Five surgeons and 45 clinicians were involved in Dominique's surgery and care and she's expected to make a full recovery and live a normal life.

HEALTH & FITNESSBaby born with 4 legs 2 spines thrives after risky surgery	Email
HEALTH & FITNESSBaby born with 4 legs 2 spines thrives after risky surgery Email

"The surgery went very well", said Kellogg.

A baby girl whose twin failed to develop properly and fused to her growing body in the womb is recovering after a successful operation in the US.

Dominique's foster carer in Chicago Nancy Swabb said: "She has touched our hearts".

Her host family was happy to welcome her, even with the short notice. "Up until now, she wasn't able to do so numerous things that little kids do, like turn over and sit up and all those types of things".

Doctors fully expect Dominique to live a normal life.

"I think it is very unique but it was a unique child that brought us together", said Kellogg said.

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