Twins causes chaos while parents try to sleep

Candice Alexander
March 21, 2017

Video recorded on a home monitoring system by two NY parents Jonathan and Susana Balkin, shows their twin sons having an all-night slumber party, climbing out of their cribs, doing gymnastics, building pillow forts and having a serious chat about their adventures.

Jonathan and Susana Balkin said their Nest home monitoring system was recording in the bedroom of 2-year-old identical twins Andrew and Ryan when the boys chose to climb out of their beds for some rowdy playtime March 13.

The troublemakers can be seen climbing in and out of their cribs, sitting together on a couch and throwing their mattresses to the floor onto a small mountain of pillows they have collected from around their shared room.

Jonathan told "Today" that he and his wife knew the twins were up to something because of all the giggling coming from the room. "And then after a while, we decided, 'Okay, it's time to intervene, put them to bed.' That didn't really work out so well". The video footage shows both their mother and father returning on two different occasions to put the babies to bed, but to no avail.

Twin toddlers all-night party caught on camera! The minute Dad leaves, the twins are at it again.

Balkin said he and Susana eventually had to take away the boys' night lights.

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