Facebook launches augmented reality Camera Effects Platform

Elizabeth Williams
Апреля 21, 2017

The new AR platform started by Facebook lets developers create 3D objects which then interact with live video feeds, superimposing the created objects upon the real world. We already know that simple versions of such graphics are already in the market. People will be able to use this technology to find virtual street art on a wall that in real life is blank or leave a virtual note for a friend at a bar. It will allow the developers to create their effects. These are the following update topics that were being touched regarding Facebook. Facebook added special effects cameras to its core apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. He also said that Facebook isn't anxious about "no innovation" allegations and defended copying Snapchat by saying that it was the ground work for Facebook's Camera Effects Platform for developers.

But he's not planning to take us there via headsets or glasses - as most had envisioned - but through apps downloaded onto smartphones.

Facebook is teaming-up with Udacity to create custom training programmes for Developer Circles. "But we're going to give this another go", Messenger boss David Marcus said.

Last year, one of Mark Zuckerberg's main areas of interest was virtual reality (which Facebook and Oculus are continuing to work on).

Now the tech firm has grown to 1.9 billion users and is making big bets on messaging, virtual reality, chatbots and even internet-beaming drones. Facebook has launched Snapchat-like "stories" feature in Instagram to compete with Snapchat. The workplace also opened its platform for developers to make custom bots specific to their organization's needs. SNAP, as the first mainstream augmented reality platform.

The message was clear: Facebook sees augmented reality as the future of computing technology.

"We focus more on the software side of things, but one thing that seems to be true is that early on in the development of these platforms, the hardware and software are pretty hard to untangle".

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