Facebook trying to augment your reality

Toby Manning
April 20, 2017

Do you want to live in it?

"The new camera technology lets you move around within the video scene and experience the content from different viewing angles", said Facebook in a blog post.

Facebook executives stressed that the technology is still in its early stages, and that the "journey to the future of augmented reality is just 1 percent finished", as Deb Liu, vice president of platform and marketplaces, put it.

The concept of "Full AR" was introduced, which Abrash defines as "glasses that enhance your hearing and vision seamlessly, make you smarter and more capable, and that are light, comfortable, stylish, power efficient, and socially acceptable enough to be a constant part of your life". Of course, it could also result in people staring into their smartphones even more intently as they marvel at an alternate reality instead of their actual surroundings.

Facebook Space is a virtual-reality app which lets you hang out with friends and family who are staying in far away places. They're highly likely to become a bit hit with users. The firm already sells the Oculus VR headset but it has been relying on third-party developers to create apps for the headset.

Snap representatives did not immediately respond to an email for comment on Tuesday afternoon.

Facebook is making a big bet on AR.

Mark Zuckerberg stressed on the idea of bringing in augmented reality to the social media space. But putting an augmented reality camera on your smartphone is an "effort to have you view the entire world through your phone, running Facebook".

Facebook said it hopes that creating such a hub for developers and designers will accelerate innovation and attract more users to its network. The idea is simplify what might otherwise require a flurry of texts and sharing of links. That raised questions about Facebook's ability to monitor gruesome material on its site.

Facebook says that these Avatars will be placed in a customisable VR space allowing users to invite friends into the spaces and engage in a range of activities such as doodling in the air with markers, exploring 360 videos and photos, or reliving old memories from your timelines.

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