Chevrolet FNR-X Concept Is the Do-All Car of the Future

Elizabeth Williams
April 21, 2017

The FNR-X (FNR standing for Find New Roads) takes the idea of a "crossover" literally.

"The FNR-X builds on the design and technology showcased on the original FNR concept and embodies the belief at Chevrolet's core that anything is possible".

It's not known whether the FNR-X will go into production anytime soon and Alan Batey, GM executive vice president only provided a generic statement about the auto: "The Chevrolet-FNR (sic) is one of Chevrolet's most forward-thinking concept cars, truly exemplifying the brand's passion for innovation and ingenuity", he said.

Corporate styling cues such as Chevrolet's signature two-segment grille and thin, modern-looking LED headlamps and tail lamps are present on the FNR-X and are joined by some more radical touches such as rear-hinged rear doors, a narrow window/greenhouse section and a full-length moonroof.

The FNR-X can also swap between V (Versatility) and S (Sport) modes.

Is Chevy FNR-X concept the plug-in hybrid CrossVolt SUV? Featuring high-tech fabrics, the cabin's hexagonal textures were inspired by graphene crystal structures - signifying the beginning of a new era for new energy. The steering wheel and dashboard have a sporty integrated design, while the seats can be moved easily to maximize cargo capacity. Seats ride on multipurpose rails and have fixed components to individualise storage space.

The steering wheel and dashboard of the FNR-X are meant to convey a sporty feel, although interacting with numerous car's functions is largely done by voice.

The tech side of the equation on the FNR-X Concept opens with intelligent connected mobility capabilities that link an Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) dynamic display, an intelligent speech recognition and an ID-customizable information setup.

Chevrolet has unveiled a new concept for a plug-in hybrid SUV that features an advanced aero and active suspension that can adjusts its ground clearance on demand. A "panoramic intelligent augmented reality head-up display", which consists of three head-up displays within the dash, offers a zoomed-out, lateral view of the vehicle to further enhance safety.

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