Civil Services Day: Babus turn up in large numbers

Nick Mcbride
April 21, 2017

"If we can not make India emerge as one of the global powers by 2022, then it will be a disservice to our freedom fighters", he said. "Aankado se badlav aata hai kya (Do we get any change through numbers)", he said.

Advising them their experience should not become a burden, the Prime Minister said, "we have to bring them on one wavelength and when we run these three (political will, performance by bureaucracy and public participation) on one wavelength, then we get good results".

Reiterating a point from his previous year's Civil Services Day address, Modi said senior officers should not have a "know-it-all" attitude, and should consider the opinion of their juniors too. "You should take decisions quickly but with honesty", he said adding, "something momentary may happen but I am with you". "Social media should be used to promote the government's schemes, not oneself", he said. From regulator, we need to be an enabling entity.

"I see these days that district-level officers are so busy, busy, that most of their time goes into it (social media)".

"If I am informing the people about dates of polio vaccination through social media, saying that they should come out on a particular date for the vaccination, then it (social media) is helpful".

"In fact, in my meetings I have banned the entry of mobiles, otherwise anyone would take out (their mobile) and start", he said with a chuckle. General public depended on the government for all their needs.

The Prime Minister said that civil servants must ensure that every decision is taken keeping the national interest in mind and focus should on improving quality and making excellence a habit. "With quantum jump in work, there must also be a qualitative change", Modi told civil servants at the function where he emphasised the need for an "outcome centric" policy formulation and its implementation.

Recalling that the year 2022 would mark 75 years of Independence, he urged civil servants to play the role of catalytic agents in fulfilling the dreams of the freedom fighters.

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