Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Gets Hearing from Governor Carney

Lauren Perry
April 21, 2017

Its stock has soared in recent months as investors anticipate the company's expansion into the recreational marijuana market, pending legalization in Canada. The cannabis has to be grown in-state, too. "Its use and possession is against federal law and until that law is changed by the United States Congress we ... are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books". But the federal government lists cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, same as heroin.

If both attempting to legislate and declassifying the drug are out, then what is there to do? Pot shops for recreational marijuana have been open for business in Colorado and Washington since 2014, and in OR since 2015.

Violations on the restrictions against selling or possessing the drugs were punishable by one to 10 years in the state penitentiary, as well as loss of license if the person was a doctor, dentist or veterinarian.

By Tuesday, while speaking at George Washington University, Kelly said: "Let me be clear about marijuana".

In many cases, minorities are particularly targeted by law enforcement. However, 66 per cent expect it to fail in its key goals to make it more hard for young people to use the drug. Recreational marijuana was legalized past year in Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada. A slim majority, or 55 per cent, believed that organized crime would still find a way to profit from the trade.

Only 16 percent of those polled believe marijuana is very harmful, which is lower than alcohol at 27 percent, processed sugar at 23 percent and saturated fat at 33 percent.

The Anti-Drug Abuse Act in 1986 required mandatory terms based on the amount of drug possessed, and the death penalty for "drug kingpins".

Results from the multi-center study showed that patients with a decrease in PCT less than or equal to 80 percent during the first four days following diagnosis of severe sepsis or septic shock had a two-fold increased risk of death as compared to those who experienced a decrease in PCT greater than 80 percent1.

The Obama administration's DEA Administrative Chief Chuck Rosenburg said in a statement that marijuana has "no now accepted medical use in treatment in the United States".

Earlier this month, several governors, including Washington's Jay Inslee, sent a letter to the Trump administration requesting that those states be included in any discussions on the issue.

Over time, the list of conditions grew, and so did the number of places where one could buy medical marijuana. This would mark the first time marijuana would be legal in any form after being outlawed for almost 60 years.

While 63% of Republicans oppose the federal government trying to stop marijuana use in these states, 76% of Democrats and 72% of independents oppose the federal government intervening. Initiative 502, which passed with 56 percent of the vote, also directed the state to license, regulate and tax recreational marijuana, and set up some of the ways that tax money can be spent by the state. The bill is expected to pass, and if it does, recreational marijuana should be allowed in the country by mid-2018.

British Columbians were also most likely to back legalization, with 75 per cent support, while support was weakest in Quebec where only 51 per cent of people agreed.

Seventy-one percent of voters oppose federal government attempts to curb marijuana sales and its use in the states that have legalized it, the poll found.

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