Spicer: Navy ships eventually will reach the Korean Peninsula

Owen Stevens
April 21, 2017

The strike group heading the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which was moving toward North Korea according to Washington's statement 10 days ago, was in the Indian Ocean over the weekend, about 5000km away from the Korean peninsula, according to a photo published by the US Armada.

The US Pacific Command's spokesperson also told The Korea Herald by email that the Strike Group has completed a previously scheduled training with Australia and is "heading north to the Western Pacific" - without clarifying their specific destination.

"We are sending an armada, very powerful", Trump told Fox Business News, warning that Kim Jong Un "is doing the wrong thing".

"That's a fact. It happened", Spicer said on Wednesday, before quickly correcting himself, "it is happening, rather".

Over the next week, President Trump, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, national security advisor H.R. McMaster, White House spokesman Sean Spicer and other officials all spoke of the carrier's positioning as a dramatic show of force against Pyongyang. As the New York Times reports, a few ships are not where the Trump White House said they were.

"The statement that was put out was that the U.S.S. Carl Vinson carrier group was headed to the Korean Peninsula", said Spicer.

The incorrect information on the aircraft carrier's immediate dispatch to waters off the Korean Peninsula has further driven up the already high tensions, even raising speculation the US may be contemplating a preemptive strike against the communist nation.

The U.S. Navy posted a photo of the aircraft carrier sailing Saturday in the Sunda Strait off the coast of Indonesia.

That must have kept the loony North Koreans off balance.

Joel Wit, a co-founder of the 38 North program of the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University, said the matter was "very perplexing" and fed into North Korea's narrative that the US is all bluster and does not follow through on threats.

"But that's not what we said", Spicer replied.

"We're going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience".

Citing multiple defense officials, CNN reported that the strike group will arrive in the waters off the Korean Peninsula by the end of April.

'None of the US aircraft carriers that South Korea is desperately waiting for has come!'

On Wednesday, Mr Pence described the country as the "most unsafe and urgent threat to peace and security" in the Asia-Pacific.

The White House declined to comment to the Times.

It is now - really -steaming northward and is expected to arrive in the Sea of Japan sometime next week, USA officials said.

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