Facebook sees future in augmenting our reality

Elizabeth Williams
April 22, 2017

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has launched Spaces, which is a new virtual reality app.

Augmented Reality is not the only update we hope to see. Frames Studio, an online editor that makes frames for pictures, will be the first product within the platform.

"People are already using the cameras on their phones to write text on images, add digital objects and modify existing things with face filters and style transfers", they say. They're calling it Facebook Spaces, and it shouldn't be a surprise that it's all about hanging out with your Facebook friends - in virtual reality.

Unveiling Facebook's new "Camera Effects" platform, aimed at giving rival Snap a run for their money among the selfie crowd, Zuckerberg showed off some a number of unique augmented and mixed-reality applications and technologies that'll be on offer to both users and developers. It will allow the developers to create their effects.

If you haven't noticed the little camera on the top left hand side of your Facebook app maybe it's time you checked out it. Facebook "Stories" are a thing now, and this little camera is where you create them. There is much more than just Augmented Reality.

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He also added that Facebook is developing Camera (read Facebook Camera) as the first augmented reality platform. In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a $250 million investment in VR, bringing the company's total contribution to the effort to $500 million.

He didn't suggest the company was planning to make games, but said the technology could be used to leave a virtual note for a friend at a bar, or to find virtual street art on a wall that in real life is blank.

He also briefly mentioned Facebook's plans for the future, and confirmed that development is underway on a revolutionising computer interface that is capable of 'mind reading'.

Facebook is calling developers to apply for access to the closed beta of the platform's AR Studio tool. Draw 3D objects with virtual markers, video call your friends outside of VR, and share selfies of your VR memories on Facebook.

Facebook Spaces is their new VR app that allows users to hang out and interact with friends in a virtual environment, as if they were all in the same place.

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