Latest Leaks of LG V30 Hint at Curved Flexible OLED Display

Elizabeth Williams
April 23, 2017

Samsung Display, the display-making unit of Samsung Electronics that dominates more than 95 percent of organic light-emitting diode panels for smartphones, will be seeking to further widen its gap with rivals by speeding up the production of the larger seventh-generation OLED panels, a top analyst said on April 19. As it looks, it will also be the supplier of displays for the next Xiaomi Mi Note.

LG Display is known for supplying curved OLED panels in small quantities for Xiaomi past year. Even though there are approximately five months to go until LG will unveil the next V-series smartphone, a lot of rumors already surfaced regarding the device.

While LG will be using the curved display panels on its yet-to-be-announced flagship LG V30, Xiaomi is expected to use the same on the Mi Note 2 successor, possibly dubbed as Mi Note 3, Android Headlines reported. Full-scale production hasn't started yet, as LG display seems to be facing some problems in improving the yield rate. It has been stated that LG V30 will come out with a curved flexible OLED display. Now, LG Display will be supplying curved OLEDs to customers within the first half of 2017, with one of those companies being LG.

LG is pretty late to the game when it comes to curved displays, honestly. In fact, it's been so successful that, with this year's Galaxy S8, you won't find a flagship from the company with a traditional display. This would be an interesting move from LG since they haven't fitted any of their smartphones with a curved screen recently.

The reports suggest that these curved displays will be similar to the ones seen on the Galaxy smartphones.

Like its predecessor, the V30 could also feature a 32-bit Quad DAC but this time, we're hoping that LG globally announces that all of its upcoming models feature both the audio chip and Qi wireless charging support. Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.

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