United Kingdom may reverse Brexit post polls: EU Parliament President

Owen Stevens
April 22, 2017

Mr Blair said the Daily Mail's "Crush the Saboteurs" headline the day after Mrs May called the election revealed her true intentions.

"That would be in nobody's interest", May said. The Scottish National Party (SNP) has signalled its MPs will abstain in the vote and Labour and the Liberal Democrats, while accusing May of political opportunism, have welcomed the prospect of an early election.

"She told the House of Commons: "[Jeremy] Corbyn, [Tim] Farron and [Nicola] Sturgeon want to unite together to divide our country, and we will not let them do it".

The main opposition Labour Party welcomed May's election call, meaning that it is nearly a foregone conclusion that May will obtain the two thirds support she needs in the House of Commons for the election to be held.

The Conservatives are likely to gain a series of key target seats in the upcoming General Election, capitalising on their strong position in the polls over the Labour Party.

When pressed on what the election was about, she said: "This election is about preventing the Tories (Conservatives) from getting such an overwhelming majority that there is no possibility of dissent in this country".

After addressing a rowdy session of the House of Commons, May won the support of 522 lawmakers in the 650-seat parliament for an election on June 8.

Senior lecturer in politics at the University of York, Dr. Sofia Vasilopoulou, said: "It is a good opportunity to put Conservative party divisions on ice in the interest of winning the general election".


Given the fact that she reneged on her previous statement, Yvette Cooper, Labour Member of Parliament for Normanton, Pontefract, Castleford & Knottingley, was just one of the MPs who used today's meeting to question May's motives and honesty.

With British voters going to the polls on June 8, the big parties did not want to waste any time ahead of the official launches of their election manifestos.

If the election is approved Wednesday, Parliament will be dissolved on May 2, sparking nearly six weeks of campaigning.

May said the election is needed to stabilize her Conservative Party and the British government ahead of negotiations to leave the European Union.

"Britain is leaving the European Union and there can be no turning back", asserted the British PM.

The election will be held on June 8, almost a year after 52 percent of Britons voted to leave the bloc.

May ruled out participating in televised debates with other leaders.

Elections took place in May 2015 and were not expected until May 2020.

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