'Be more like Trump': Jean-Marie Le Pen criticises daughter's presidential campaign

Owen Stevens
April 27, 2017

The independent centrist, who despite running without a traditional party now has the backing of the French political class, narrowly beat the National Front leader in the first round of voting.

Wearing a white jacket with the market's logo, the blonde 48-year-old National Front (FN) politician meandered through the aisles, a retinue of party officials in tow.

Needing millions more votes to beat Macron in the runoff, Le Pen hammered home her arguments that more French jobs would be lost overseas under Macron's more economically liberal program.

Marine Le Pen launched moves to clean the National Front's image of xenophobic associations in the run-up to the campaign for the 2017 presidency.

"I would bet yes for Macron", says Araud, who was in Philly speaking for the French-American Chamber of Commerce and at Perry World House at the University of Pennsylvania.

Macron's discussions with union leaders from the Whirlpool plant in northern France, a region where his anti-European Union opponent Marine Le Pen got the most votes, is not without risk. Very few voters who backed Mélenchon and conservative François Fillon, the other candidate Le Pen needs to pull voters from, have said they would back Le Pen over Macron in the second round.

Many pollsters had placed him second to Le Pen in the opening round; however Macron eventually garnered more votes than Le Pen. According to a recent poll, their supporters were more likely to fear unemployment and financial insecurity, and were more critical than Macron supporters about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the EU.

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"I am so disgusted", she said. She has also said that she would make it illegal for French citizens to have an Israeli passport. That poses a problem which may look familiar to Clinton's supporters.

Macron as he arrived on site was welcomed by whistling and shouting, sometimes booed and amid cries of "Marine President". Surveying Le Pen's results against more than a dozen such measures, the data suggest her message played particularly well in low-income areas with higher numbers of school drop-outs.

"We need a true stateswoman, and [Ms Le Pen] is the one".

It would be hard for Europe to cope with a potential "Frexit" alongside the existing Brexit negotiations, she said.

"I'm here, in my place, exactly where I should be, in the midst of Whirlpool's employees, these employees who are resisting this wild globalization, this shameful economic model", Le Pen said.

The atmosphere was cordial for the most part, however, with wholesalers engaging Le Pen in conversation and showing off their wares.

Days before the first round of France's presidential election, a 39-year-old Frenchman shot and killed police officer Xavier Jugele on Paris' iconic Champs Elysee, prompting fears that it could have influenced the highly-contested vote as security entered center stage once again.

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