Macron seen winning French presidential runoff with 62 percent of votes

Nick Mcbride
May 6, 2017

Three days before the vote, Mr Macron received the support of former United States President Barack Obama, who posted a video on the former economy minister's website saying he was "rooting" for Mr Macron.

The single currency rose on Thursday after Macron, in a Wednesday TV debate with anti-EU candidate Marine Le Pen, consolidated his position as the likely victor of France's presidency.

"Despite that nearly nobody expects a surprise, meaning Macron is the overwhelming favourite to win and become the new French president, traders seem to favour (taking) a bit of money off the table", said City of London Markets trader Markus Huber.

Le Pen's suggestion that Macron might have an offshore account cuts to the heart of her portrayal of him as an elitist former banker far removed from the people's worries.

The survey was carried out after a rancorous final televised debate between the two contenders on Wednesday, which Macron was seen as having won by French viewers, according to two recent polls.

"I have admired the campaign that Emmanuel Macron has run", Obama said. The American says Macron has put forward a vision for the important role that France plays in Europe and around the world. "And he has committed to a better future for French people".

Among the supporters of Ms. Le Pen and her anti-euro, anti-European Union and anti-immigrant agenda, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is viewed as the ultimate EU power and a great threat to French sovereignty.

Ms Marechal-Le Pen insisted "we can still win" even as she lowered the party's expectations for the presidential runoff.

Far worse than Britain's exit from the European Union, France's departure from either the EU or the euro could spell death for the idea of European economic unity, which was borne from the bloodshed of World War II. Polls suggest Macron is well ahead.

"I'm not planning to get involved in many elections now that I don't have to run for office again", said Obama.

French media reported that anti-Le Pen protesters gathered outside the company's building and shouted "out with fascists".

Obama ended his message with the words "En Marche" - which is the name of Macron's political movement - and "Vive La France". Go to the polling stations and make the right choice.

Macron filed a legal complaint Thursday after Le Pen repeated rumors that he had an offshore account during a particularly bruising TV debate.

Le Pen said her party managed to "impose the overhaul" of French politics and set the tone of the presidential election, which was dominated by anti-establishment sentiment.

Le Pen, on the other hand, firmly backs Assad and has distanced herself from Trump over recent USA airstrikes targeting Assad's regime. If I wanted to do so I would have done it yesterday.

Le Pen and Macron face off in the presidential runoff Sunday.

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