UK Labour's draft election manifesto leaked

Owen Stevens
May 12, 2017

Although there is no intention to form a new party, Labour politicians could resign the whip and become independents grouped together under the same banner.

Some around the leader believe the polls are wrong and that if voters get a chance to consider the policies, Labour can still win the election.

Labour has not yet outlined how it would pay for its pledges, although Mr Gwynne said that all costs would be accounted for when the final manifesto document was published next week.

The Daily Mirror hails the "power grab", saying it would "fix rip-off Britain" and boost the NHS and schools - while the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph warn the manifesto will take Britain "back to the 1970s".

Indeed, the draft document states that the Conservatives' objective would mean 400,000 small businesses and almost two million homes are "left with substandard broadband well into the next decade".

The policies included would be "very popular" and "transform the lives of many people", he said, adding that they were fully costed.

However just 30% agreed that Mr Corbyn should be given a fair chance at leading the country, while 56% said he would be a "disaster" as prime minister.

The cameraman was hurt as Mr Corbyn's auto drove in through a side entrance to the building in Savoy Place while much of the media was waiting on the street outside the front entrance.

To pay for the policy pledges, Labour has already announced plans to hike corporation tax to 26% by 2022, bringing in an extra £20 billion for the Exchequer, and indicated that people earning more than £80,000 will face tax rises.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party, speaks to journalists after their election manifesto was leaked to several newspapers.

The party leadership moved quickly to try and quell negative headlines around the leak.

Labour's leaked manifesto has, predictably, been savaged by large parts of the United Kingdom press.

Labour's day continued to go awry when the vehicle Jeremy Corbyn was travelling in ran over the foot of a BBC cameraman.

The ruling Conservative party termed the draft as a sign of the chaos that a Labour led government would unleash on the United Kingdom if it were to win the general election.

The document was leaked to the press despite the party leaders only today (11 May) meeting to finalise it ahead of its planned launch.

BOTH the Labour and Conservative vote may be set to go up in the West Midlands as support for UKIP halves, according to an exclusive nationwide survey of voting intentions.

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