White House Postpones Paris Climate Agreement Meeting-Again

Owen Stevens
May 12, 2017

The White House has postponed a Tuesday meeting to discuss whether the United States should withdraw from the landmark worldwide climate deal struck in Paris.

Trump has resolved to announce his intentions by this month's Group of 7 meeting in Sicily, meaning a decision to withdraw could isolate him at his first gathering of world leaders.

"Dear President Trump", the note reads, "We're still in for bold climate change action".

A White House official says the meeting is expected to convene Tuesday afternoon.

Insisting that the USA remain engaged and lead action when it comes to taking on climate change, the ad implores the Trump White House to "best exercise global leadership and advance US interests by remaining a full partner in this vital global effort".

The Trump administration has been debating the Paris climate agreement through a series of stop-and-start meetings.

However, a coalition of 38 conservative and free market groups yesterday reportedly wrote their own letter to Trump urging him to ditch the Paris Agreement, arguing it would "protect" USA energy firms and manufacturers.

White House advisers on Monday postponed another meeting about the United States' participation in the Paris climate change agreement.

"Climate change poses strategically significant risks to USA national security, directly impacting our critical infrastructure and increasing the likelihood of humanitarian disasters, state failure and conflict", former officers and security officials wrote in the letter to Tillerson. Steve Bannon and the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, oppose.

The agreement was savaged by Trump during last year's United States presidential election campaign, during which he threatened to "cancel" it if elected.

Widely hailed as the last chance to stave off worst-case-scenario global warming, the pact was savaged by a campaigning Trump, who called climate change a "hoax" perpetrated by China. His recent attack on Obama-era climate policies and the lifting of bans and limitations for the fossil fuel and nuclear industries confirm that the Trump Administration's energy plans are not green.

France's president-elect Emmanuel Macron after casting his ballot in Le Touquet on Sunday.

Spicer also said that Trump had been meeting with his team "extensively" to discuss the issue. "The same is true in many parts of Europe", he said.

The call came before White House officials were set to meet, once again, to discuss whether or not to stay in the Paris agreement, which President Barack Obama joined in 2016.

"We all continue to hope the USA will find a way to remain within the Paris Agreement and to remain committed to the Paris goals", said Miguel Arias Cañete, the European commissioner for climate action and energy, in a statement.

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