Telegram 4.0 adds video messages and much more

Elizabeth Williams
May 19, 2017

The release is a major one bringing with it video messages, Telescope, Instant View support on most websites, and bot payment support.

Blending a bit of public social media into instant messaging, the new update allows users to host public videos.

Telegram extends the Bot platform to equip them for fetching payments if you shop for goods and services online. Telegram adds that if an account is protected by 2-step verification then users will be able to save card details for future purchases.

Both features should be available now as Telegram's 4.0 update rolls out. These bots may now add a Pay button to their messages. Then you get what you paid for. To recall, Telegram introduced chat bots nearly two year back. The first notable functionality introduced with the new update is support for video messages, something that many Telegram users have been requesting for a while now. In an effort to not clutter the existing user interface of the app, Telegram developers decided to make the camera icon accessible by tapping the microphone icon, which will prompt a switch between the two. You'll be able to see video messages sent to you while going through other chats, as the video goes to the corner and continues paying.

Additionally, Telegram today is introducing, a new service that allows anyone to view video messages from public Telegram channels. Simply head to any chat on Telegram and tap the mic icon to switch to camera mode. Instant View Platform. - Instant View is ready to support thousands of websites, including your favorite ones.

Refer to the gallery below to see how some of the new Telegram functionalities work in practice or follow the Google Play Store link beneath this writing to download the latest version of the popular communications app. That's likely to open up a whole series of commercial opportunities for companies that want to use the chatbot platform to connect with consumers.

"To generate Instant View pages, our parser bot uses templates - sets of rules that tell the bot where to find useful content and what to ignore on a particular domain or URL".

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