Destiny 2 Will Be Available on Battle.Net

Elizabeth Williams
May 20, 2017

Furthermore, Bungie is revamping the clan system for Destiny 2 by adding in-game rosters, tools to build fire teams, and custom banners.

Late last month, Bungie sent me a package filled with clues about "Destiny 2", which served as a lead-up to Thursday's big gameplay unveiling.

Destiny 2 releases on September 8 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with the PC release likely coming later. First, it will release the game on current gaming consoles, then try to make a jump to the next gaming console and also release a new Destiny game a year after that.

Destiny players might have to wait a bit before Destiny 2 arrives on the PC. Check it out in the player below, and view new images in the gallery! Three minutes long, the trailer teases action from the game's single play campaign, its co-operative gameplay and its competitive multiplayer. Originally, Bungie supported "Destiny" on PS3 and Xbox 360 until August 2016.

Adventures - Shorter missions with self-contained stories for players to learn more about the Destiny 2 universe and the characters that live there.

Other are expecting a separate PvP and PvE in the new shooter game.

On the clan side of things, if they're a player or two short they can turn to Guided Gamers to help them out.

The game's first mission sees the Cabal attacking to the Tower and effectively winning, locking the Guardians away from the vaults and robbing them of their gear.

Read on for a complete and ongoing history of all the reveals from Destiny 2, which is now available for pre-order. Trails, raids, and nightfall will be available to all players through something brand new called Guided Games. Created to help solo players quickly jump into multiplayer games, the feature enables single players to partner with a clan for a short period in order to tackle a mission. Destiny 2 will allow you to jump to planet without going to orbit. From what was shown today, it appears that Destiny 2 will have something for everyone.

What do you think of Destiny 2 so far?

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