SPOILERS: Watch The Explosive Cliffhanger Ending Of ARROW's Season 5 Finale

Candice Alexander
May 25, 2017

As the episode unfolds, the specifics of Chase's plot clarify: for Oliver to find his son, he must kill chase; but if he kills chase, the rest of his team will die. Considering there's another season of this show on the way, I kind of doubt it. Unfortunately, we won't find out until Arrow returns this fall on The CW. The only people we know for sure lived are Oliver and William. In the final flashback scene, we see Oliver call his mother and speak with her for the first time in five years, nearly breaking down on the phone.

After Felicity tells Oliver about the explosives on the island, he goes after Chase, who tried to leave with his son, William on a boat. And likely a better father. The action shots in the flashbacks were weaving perfectly into present day, almost in sync with one another as Oliver was fighting Chase. It will be unusual to see what happens to the format of the series next year now that its gimmick of showing fans what happened during the five years that Oliver was allegedly stranded on the island, but odds are good it won't be missed. At least, not anymore. As literally everyone is quick to point out, it's absurd that Oliver would ever team with the man who killed his mother, even allowing for the Mirakuru factor. This season, as uneven and meandering as it was at times, could have finished with a tightly wound hour of television. So, Slade Wilson got another shot at glory in this one, and it was certainly glorious. "We're a little bit freed up by not having to do the flashbacks, as well, which is actually really refreshing and exciting". The series' writer should be commended for attempting to justify those characters' appearance with substantive roles, but it is hard to accept a heart to heart between Slade Wilson and Oliver occuring on a booby-trapped island with Chase waiting in the wings. But even the blandest prequel-and the beginning and end of the flashback seasons were very good, even if the middle was soggy-can't help but pick up steam as it rushes toward its inevitable, preordained conclusion: the beginning we saw five years ago.

Not only did we get to see Black Siren vs.

Speaking of Slade, the overall action in this one was well-paced and creative. Melty's editorial reviews the three key moments of Arrow's Season 5 episode 23.

The bad: Merlyn's farewell, and that cliffhanger.

The last scene was only one of multiple jaw-dropping moments. Like, the most explode-y cliffhanger in history, arguably. Slade punches Oliver. Looks like betrayal to me. I really do. But, this one just felt cheap. But in all, the actual events of this episode feel anticlimactic and borderline perfunctory.

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As for the big bad of season five... things don't turn out well.

To have everyone survive would be ridiculous and makes pretty much the whole of season five completely pointless. Can they just demolish the entire cast and start over? Eh, probably not. It was a gutsy move, and a bold move. I bet they are upset they backed the wrong horse. By fighting against her sister Nyssa fully rejected her father's legacy and become her own person and hero. If there's one area where Malcolm is consistent, it's in the fact that he'll always come through for Thea. It is highly doubtful they could have made it there before the blast went off. C'mon. The dude's nickname is the Magician. Do you think any characters will die in the explosion or was it all a fake-out?

Hmm, is everyone dead? If they didn't, there would be no more Arrow.

What does this mean for Oliver and his kid?

Awesome conflicts, a villain who is truly formidable in his cold, calculating plans, and ARROW's fifth season has turned out to be perhaps one of the best the series has had to offer. In the end, Oliver figures out a third option and shoots Chase in the leg, saving his son and his friends - that is until Chase pulls out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

- Olicity! Or not since she may be dead. However, the Green Arrow maintained that they will make it through.

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