United States embassy move would 'end peace process': PLO official

Nick Mcbride
May 25, 2017

In addition to sending Friedman to Tel Aviv, Trump tapped his former real-estate attorney Jason Greenblatt to help manage the peace process with the Palestinians.

"I'm disappointed he brought a guy who rewards terrorists who murder Jews to the White House", Klein said, referring to P.A. subsidies for families of jailed and killed terrorists.

In a statement released Saturday titled: "A call for unity and assimilation with our fearless prisoners", Ramallah-based Islamist and nationalist factions urged the public to join rallies to express their rejection to the resumption of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel under U.S. sponsorship.

Israel also has expressed concern about the $110 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia that Trump announced Saturday in Riyadh.

"The president may be right, this is the ultimate deal", he said, "but it's definitely not just around the corner".

Israeli officials know little of the intentions of Trump's advisers.

Controversy precedes the US president on his stop in Israel as well, following Trumps alleged disclosure of Israeli intelligence to Russian officials.

Trump first met with Abbas in Washington D.C. earlier this month, and with Netanyahu in February.

A senior official who was part of the Palestinian delegation said Trump is planning to try to relaunch peace talks, with a goal of reaching an agreement within a year.

Based on Trump's campaign promises, that deadline to act on the embassy issue should have been irrelevant.

During a visit to Israel on Monday, Trump's pick for US Ambassador to Israel, pro-settler David Friedman, chose the Western Wall as his first stop, later to meet with the Israeli prime minister who called Jerusalem the "eternal capital of the Jewish people" when greeting Friedman. She said the Arab world could take steps toward Israel in exchange for Israeli gestures toward the Palestinians.

"Given the president's proclivities, no one wants to get on his bad side", he said. "This is the way to prosperity, peace and stability in the region", he said.

Meanwhile, on Friday, the White House circulated a video publicizing his itinerary that showed a map of Israel that cut out the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem, and the occupied Golan Heights.

Naftali Bennett, leader of the nationalist Jewish Home Party, lamented "a kind of change in the spirit" of Trump's positions since he was elected in November.

The original plans involved a straightforward ceremony on the tarmac before Trump was to be taken by helicopter to Jerusalem for a meeting with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the presidential residence. In January, 79 percent of respondents in a similar poll had said this about Trump, who is scheduled to visit Israel on Monday as part of his first presidential trip overseas.

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