'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Settles Custody Agreement

Candice Alexander
May 28, 2017

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans finally settled on a custody arrangement with her mother Barbara Evans that will give both of them significant time to care for her 7-year-old son Jace. "I will fight again in the future when the time is right", Jenelle promises.

In the wake of the mediation, Barbara has stated that she is glad there wasn't a full-blown trial, as she feels as though it wouldn't have gone well for Jenelle Evans.

Oof. The meeting before the judge was certainly a tense one as Jenelle claims she "burst out into tears in the conference room" as the ruling was read.

The reality show star's lawyer Heather D. Kaemmer reportedly told People that Evans will be allowed to spend time with her son.

But Jenelle pointed out that she was drinking even though she had three kids around.

It seems that the judge is on her side a little bit, as according to Jenelle, he chastised Barbara - who has been Jace's primary caregiver since he was born - for thinking about herself over her grandson.

Barbara also got candid about her relationship with her daughter.

Jenelle and her mom have often butted heads over Jace because, up until now, Jenelle did not have court-mandated visitation rights.

So what do you think about the custody outcome and the new guidelines for Jenelle and Barbara?

"I'm really happy we could to a decision for Jace but it doesn't change my feelings towards my mom". Jace has a great life at my house: He's going to school - he finishes in a couple weeks - he has friends now, he's in Boy Scouts and he's going to summer camp!

While Jenelle tries to encourage Barbara to take a taxi home, Barbara clearly becomes agitated, yelling at David Eason to "get that f**king camera off of me".

"The new order grants Jenelle specific periods of time with Jace so that Barbara no longer has the authority to determine if and when Jenelle can spend time with her son". "She told the publication, "[I will go back] maybe in a year, but I want the judge to see this new order has been in effect and [I've] been complying with it no problems".

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