Tiger Woods mistakenly offered to say national anthem backwards before arrest

Nick Mcbride
June 1, 2017

Video footage of Tiger Woods being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence has been released by police in Florida. When he told them he was taking medication, police muted part of the tape in which Woods describes it. Woods' answer is muted in the recording.

The officer asks him, "Are you all right?"

The police then search Woods, who has his eyes closed, for any weapons.

It also cost Woods a number of endorsement deals, while other sponsors shifted away from using him in marketing but did not end their contracts with him.

Check out Tiger Woods' arrest video.

Woods was found asleep behind the wheel of his damaged Mercedes-Benz in the early hours of Monday morning. Officer Matthew Palladino approaches the auto on the passengers' side. With his flashlight lit, he apparently checks out damage to the vehicle. Nevertheless, the pair of officers who arrested Woods mentioned he was willing to cooperate.

"Where are you headed to?"

"You know we're in Jupiter?" the officer responds.

Woods replies that he is going to his house.

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Woods made a statement on Monday that he had not been drinking and his condition resulted from an "unexpected reaction" to prescription drugs. He originally said he was coming from "L.A." and on his way to "Orange County" before stating that he had no idea where he was.

Woods insists alcohol was not a factor and it appears it wasn't since he passed the breathalyzer test.

The golfer was found by police in Jupiter on early Monday morning alone in his auto, which was stopped partially in the right lane and partially in the bike lane, police said. He was by himself and wearing his seat belt.

Woods had blamed the DUI arrest on an adverse reaction to prescription medication.

William Fagan, pharmacy director at Delray Medical Center, said people react differently to strong pain-killing medications based on a variety of factors.

Katie Phang, a former Florida prosecutor, said the statement in which Woods took full responsibility could come back to haunt him if he fights the charge.

Following the DUI charges, the first court hearing for Tiger Woods has been scheduled for July 5.

"I would like to apologise with all my heart to my family, friends and the fans".

Prior to the sordid disclosures about his private life, Woods had won 14 majors and was expected to surpass Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 titles.

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