McDonnell, Abbott and Thornberry would get top jobs in Labour cabinet - Corbyn

Nick Mcbride
June 3, 2017

Ahead of the 8 June UK General Election, EUROPP Editor Tena Prelec speaks to entrepreneur and Labour Party donor John Mills, who chaired the Labour Leave campaign.

While Ms. May has an approval rating of 43% according to the poll conducted by YouGov for The Times, (Mr. Corbyn has 30%), a movement has also been gathering against her, with a protest song branding her a "liar liar" topped the United Kingdom iTunes chart this week (it is now No. 2).

Mr Corbyn's drive to align Labour more closely with its socialist roots and eschew the pro-business centrist platform championed by three-time election victor Mr Blair has split the party.

And the Daily Telegraph said It had found evidence of internet "bots" automatically spreading Labour-backing messages on social media, though the party said it had nothing to do with them.

"Across the western world, the political and economic settlement of the past forty years is crumbling". You can only fight for Britain if you believe in Britain.

Ms Long-Bailey added: "Labour's vision couldn't be more different". "If this happens, then we think that the market reaction will be muted".

And by attracting thousands of zealous young new supporters and re-engaging hard-left activists who had abandoned the party under Mr Blair, Mr Corbyn has created a power base that helped him survive an attempted coup by party moderates a year ago. Jeremy Corbyn also committed to staying within the European Arrest Warrant structure.

"Theresa May is saying I will get the best deal from Brexit - she can not even turn up at a leaders' debate". However, it may well be that on June 9th we are looking at a third shock result in two years as the United Kingdom election follows the pattern of both the USA election and the EU Referendum.

"Set free from the shackles of European Union control, we will be a great, global trading nation once again bringing new jobs and new opportunities for ordinary working families here at home", she said.

May praised her performance when she stood in for the prime minister at a televised election debate on Wednesday against all the leaders of Britain's other main parties, after May herself declined to attend. "He doesn't have what it takes".

The contours of optimism and pessimism regarding Brexit's impact on the United Kingdom closely reflect the vote itself, with sharp divides by age and education.

Canada expanded by 0.9 per cent in the first three months of the year - the last of the G7 countries to report growth figures - putting Britain at the bottom of the group's table.

When the prime minister called the snap general election on April 18, some polls showed the government was ahead by 20 points, with the prime minister able to boast record-breaking levels of popularity.

The move was criticised by Tory Culture Secretary Karen Bradley, who said: "Mr Corbyn has confirmed he'll appoint a Marxist as chancellor, a home secretary who wants to scrap MI5, and a foreign secretary who mocks the English flag".

But the Tories made hash of their manifesto launch.

With just under a month to go until the United States election, Democrat candidate Clinton was 3/20 to be named the victor, a price that is looks huge compared to that of Theresa May at the equivalent point the in the UK election (1.03).

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