A first look at the redesigned App Store in iOS 11 [Gallery]

Elizabeth Williams
June 9, 2017

On iOS 11, the page is customisable. The auto playing videos will be muted by default and users on a version earlier than iOS 11 and the old App Store design will only see one of the three videos.

The new tool, called Screen Recorder, appears if you customise the shortcuts in the revamped Control Center via Settings.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are tonnes of features tested in beta that don't always make it to the stable version. Instead of having to hit the home button constantly to switch between apps, now it's as simple as swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen and selecting the one you want. Now while driving your iPhone will automatically turn on auto mode. But you can access VIP contacts while emergency.

The feature, which disables incoming notifications when it detects that you're in a moving vehicle, embraces these (admittedly vague) guidelines more than any other major tech company so far. It's the best iPad Pro bargain you'll find.

Pressing the border between the two apps and dragging it towards the centre of the screen turns Slide Over into Split View, which equally splits the two apps down the centre of the screen.

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What Will the New iOS 11 Bring?
Apple Pay has now been integrated so nicely with these apps that you can send money to your friends through a text message . Beijing-based Mobike said it will allow iPhone users to unlock and rent its bikes through the new iOS feature.

Check out the first new iPad Pro promo video
The MacBook Air also got a minor update, but surprisingly, still uses Intel's 5th generation Broadwell CPU . Apple's not come up with a touch screen or a new peripheral to make users more productive.

App Store is turning 9 this year and the store has served more than 180 billion downloads and counting.

During its presentation of the new App Store at WWDC for developers, the company noted that Search Ads have been performing well with an average 50% tap-to-conversion rate and a $1 CPA. The store will also highlight new and popular apps and games in a new Today tab.

Apple says it does not want its customers using its products while driving and so has introduced a "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode that will be activated when the phone senses the user is in a auto. But the Siri wasn't that smart like Google Assistant or Alexa so Apple has worked on it to make it better. Siri now comes with the male voice too and all the voices sound more humanly.

Besides that, now Siri can also translate for you in five languages: Chinese, French, Spanish, German and Italian. It's actually kind of useful - typing in a URL takes a while. With on-device learning it'll be able to understand your habits and needs and provide information according to those needs. Siri will also suggest topics sometimes based on what you are doing to reading.

That's why in November, the NHTSA proposed a new set of guidelines specifically aimed at smartphone makers to help combat the danger posed by distracted driving. Besides that, a new high efficiency image file format has also been developed that'll significantly reduce the file size of images captured with iPhones/iPads.

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