Theresa May's Chiefs of Staff Resign After Election Results

Nick Mcbride
June 11, 2017

The 10 DUP MPs could prove crucial in supporting the Conservatives on key votes after Thursday's election saw Mrs May lose control of the Commons. The Cabinet will discuss it on Monday.

The outcome leaves May on Saturday battling to unite different factions in her party and reliant on the 10 seats of socially-conservative Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party parliamentarians just nine days before the United Kingdom begins negotiating its departure from the EU.

Instead, she said: "There's an bad lot of issues surrounding Brexit that need to be discussed".

The Labour MP, who has been a critic of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said he recognised the party ran an "effective campaign" but a Conservative prime minister now sits in No 10.

"For instance, if London were to stay in the customs union, then it would not have to renegotiate all trade agreements", he told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper.

Britain's opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Sunday there could be another election this year or early in 2018 after the vote on Thursday produced no clear victor.

The pound on Friday fell 1.7% against the USA dollar and 1.4 % against the euro.

May has said Brexit talks will begin on June 19 as scheduled, the same day as the formal reopening of parliament.

May is preparing to name the rest of her cabinet, after revealing Friday that her five most senior ministers would stay in their posts.

United Kingdom leader May strikes tentative deal with N Ireland party
A source close to Davidson, who is gay, told the BBC: "The PM needs to remember there are more Scottish Conservatives than DUP MPs".

N.Ireland's DUP says talks ongoing with PM May's Conservatives
Former Conservative cabinet minister Owen Paterson, asked about her future, said: "Let's see how it pans out". French doesn't think Brexit didn't really influence the outcome of the election for the Conservatives.

'100 per cent' willing to testify over Comey conversations
The information was leaked to a reporter of "The New York Times " through a professor from the Columbia Law School. When asked by a reporter if Trump asked Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn, he said: "I didn't say that".

She confirmed this to German leader Angela Merkel in a phone call on Saturday.

Labour, written off as nearly unelectable just weeks ago, surpassed expectations by securing 261 seats in a last-minute surge of support.

"There's no point in sailing ahead with items that were in our manifesto which we won't get through Parliament", he said.

"I don't think Theresa May and this government have any credibility", Corbyn told the Sunday Mirror, predicting that there could be another election within months.

Davidson was one of the few Conservative success stories in the election as the Scottish wing of the party won 13 seats. Now, Theresa May is seeking to form a government with the DUP - the only party who won enough seats to keep the Tories in power who haven't already rejected the idea of creating a coalition government with them.

The Labour leader said his party would "absolutely" ensure Brexit occurs if they secured power, with a focus on negotiating tariff-free access as part of a "jobs-first Brexit". "May fights to remain PM", said the front page of the Daily Telegraph, while the Times of London said: "May stares into the abyss".

31% of voters said that Boris as leader would make them less likely to vote Conservative as opposed to just 23% who said it would make them more likely to vote Conservative.

The Prime Minister then came under pressure from the Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, strengthened by Tory success north of the border, who called on her to think again about leaving the European Union single market.

"I sought, and to be fair to the prime minister, received a categoric assurance that in talking to the DUP that there would be no suggestion of any rollback on LGBTI rights in the rest of the United Kingdom", she said.

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