Microsoft challenges Sony with powerful new Xbox

Elizabeth Williams
June 13, 2017

Those with a 4K television are also set to benefit, with support for 4K Ultra HD for Blu-ray X and streamed content. The company did announce 42 new games to go with the console, however.

The console, originally known as Project Scorpio, is set to rival Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro - which launched previous year - as the flagship games console on the market. The Xbox One X console is capable of Full 4K gaming, HDR video quality, and Dolby Atmos sound, which makes the gaming experience on Xbox One X lively. The Xbox One X has a new sporty vapor chamber cooling technology that helps keep the console cool during intense gaming sessions. Despite loving consoles, gamers always want the best device and the Xbox One X is definitely that.

Spencer dropped a bomb: the price would be $499. Now, we're not saying that Microsoft had no first-party exclusives on show, but there was nothing special or particularly new that really showcased the power and potential of the One X.

Microsoft is going to release the Xbox One X on November 7th and it's going to sell it for $499.

It is created to be completely compatible with existing Xbox One games, controllers, and accessories, while offering enhancements in terms of visuals on both 4K and standard HD displays, as well as faster loading times. Well, it looks like old original Xbox discs can be loaded to the Xbox One, which will then provide authorization for an emulated digital copy of the game.

Microsoft claim it produces 6 Teraflops of graphics power due to a custom GPU running at 1172MHz. They're also using techniques to specifically match particular chips together so that they work well together, in what they call the Hovis Method after the engineer that designed it.

Microsoft have been considering keyboard and mouse support for their Xbox consoles for a while now.

Xbox head Phil Spencer himself made the announcement that the new console would look back to its roots. World of Tanks looks much more clearer on Xbox One X than PlayStation 4 Pro.

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