E3 2017: What to expect on Monday? Great game reveals!

Toby Manning
June 14, 2017

No release date has been set yet, but I doubt they'll release in early 2018 where it'll be over-shadowed with the release of God of War. This year, Sony has christened its E3 2017 press conference as the "PlayStation Media Showcase". While the surprise of Shadow of the Colossus was nice, Sony spent most of its time on new trailers for games we've already seen. Insomniac has also gone on record saying that they would be "crazy not to do this game" - and the new trailer backs up that passion. These games will have to go up against Microsoft and its new 4K console, the Xbox One X. At Sony's E3 2017 presentation, Insomniac showed off an extended look at the gameplay and some very familiar faces from Marvel's comic book universe.

Star Child looks to be a futuristic side-scrolling platformer than your play in VR. I was literally whooping in my chair as Spider-Man saved the day using a variety of wall-runs, combos, spidey-sense, and even was talking to people while he was web slinging through New York City.

Speaking to Eurogamer, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan said, "It's certainly not a profound philosophical stance we have against this", adding that Sony is "always" interested in talking with companies about things like this.

With all of the skepticism surrounding VR at this year's E3, it was a bold move for Sony to reveal so many VR titles. The Last of Us 2 was nowhere to be seen, while Death Stranding was also strangely absent despite it appearing in the promo reel that played before the conference.

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Unfortunately, the biggest talking points were what was missing from the press conference.

Pre-order customers will be able to try out the new Call of Duty WW2 beta on August 25.

Compared to Microsoft, Sony arguably has much better and more interesting first-party exclusives to offer its players. The vast, open landscapes of Shadow of the Colossus have also returned, but they have received a significant facelift. And let's not forget Monster of the Deep, for that virtual reality Final Fantasy experience you never knew you wanted.

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