Labour looking to form Corbyn led minority government

Candice Alexander
June 14, 2017

Students were joined by teachers and nurses who hailed the rise in voting share for the Labour party.

"People have said they have had quite enough of austerity politics, quite enough of cuts in public expenditure, underfunding our health service, underfunding our schools and our education service and not giving our young people the chances they deserve in our society". We've had very few results.

Experts expect the finally tally to result in a hung parliament, which a dumb American like me is not qualified to explain, but basically means no candidate earned a majority of the votes, and Corbyn could become prime minister with the support of a majority coalition. With exit polls showing May likely to lose the Conservative majority in Parliament and possibly her seat, the mood was celebratory.

Andrew Murray dubbed the win a "shared achievement" and was overjoyed at how much the campaign had pulled off: "We had gone from mid 20s in the polls at the start of the campaign to denying the Tories a majority. The rallies and meetings across the country go far beyond this".

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of having links to terror groups, after introducing members of Hezbollah and Hamas as "friends" during a parliamentary meeting in 2009.

China pressures Taiwan to change office names in 5 countries: MOFA
It is a major loss to Taiwan, which is now only recognized by 19 countries, including Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The US does not get involved in the China-Taiwan rivalry over diplomatic partners, Bush said.

Trump invited to testify about his interactions with Comey
Comey repeatedly refused to say in the Senate hearing Thursday whether he thought Trump had obstructed justice. Trump has expressed a willingness to repeat his version of the events under oath.

Losses for Scottish nationalists
In many constituencies, the SNP lost around 10-20% of their vote share, which went straight or mostly to the Tories. It's not yet certain how this election will impact on the likelihood of a second independence referendum .

The Liberal Democrats failed to make any significant gains, coming third in both constituencies, as they did in 2015.

The second best, viewed as nearly as unlikely, was a hung parliament. Our Labour MPs would vote for it and we would call on MPs from other parties to vote for it.

"We were expected to go into the abyss and now she [Theresa May] has gone into the abyss".

Theresa May is hoping to cling on to power by thrashing out a deal to get the backing of the DUP - a small right-wing party whose opposition to abortion and gay marriage has sparked huge controversy.

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