Sony Defends Blocking PS4 Cross-Play With Xbox & Nintendo

Toby Manning
June 14, 2017

In the case of "Minecraft, "though, Microsoft managed to bridge the game across different types of devices from different, competing companies".

Minecraft will get cross-platform support for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, VR, Windows 10 PCs, and gaming consoles with a new update.

The cross-play capabilities are only possible because Better Together converts the Switch and Xbox One versions of Minecraft over to the Bedrock Engine.

Minecraft continues to be a dominant force in Microsoft's video game lineup, pioneering cross-platform play like no other. The new updated game will also have a server browser in the start menu, which users can join.

Mojang and 4J have announced that they are now one step closer to unifying all Minecraft players across the globe. Weirdly enough, the game's jagged edges and blocky structures look attractive in 4K, as is evidenced by several spots in the trailer revealed at the E3 press conference.

Shame for PlayStation owners, then, but everyone else can at least look forward to a future where a precedent has been set, and more and more games can hopefully work across platforms. With a bevy of new features in the pipeline, Minecraft is getting a bit of a refresh on many platforms beginning this summer which should help enhance not only the social aspect of the game, but the visuals as well.

Console players are also likely to wonder what this means for skin packs and other downloadable items they've paid for.

This overcomes the technical hurdles to completely cross-platform games, creating the first platform to unite all players over one system. If it was just Windows 10 and Xbox, you could assume Microsoft paid for an exclusive deal, but the inclusion of Nintendo, Mobile, and VR, paints a different picture.

Dedicated servers will come too, and Mojang will personally host four: Lifeboat, Mineplex, InPVP, and Cubecraft.

Minecraft servers will be cross-platform. This means that whichever worlds you have been working on before the switch, you will still be able to play there again.

No one would have expected Minecraft to run at 4K resolution with improved graphics but it will with the Super Duper Graphics pack.

Now, these changes are rather superficial when compared to the other updates that Microsoft is bringing to the game.

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